Your Braces And You

Your Braces And You

People always say, whenever they meet someone, a smile is the first thing they see. If that is the case, why not make a great impression with a wonderful smile? Your journey to a marvelous and straight smile begins  with a trip to the orthodontist’s office and confronting your orthodontist and letting he/she know, that you want braces. Now before actually getting them, make sure you have their approval as well as have some background knowledge on how to keep up with braces, the different pricing of braces, and the three main types of braces as well.

Maintaining Your Smile With Braces

Whenever you get your braces, along with that comes extra responsibility. This means you have to take care of another part of your oral hygiene routine. Brushing from now on should become more efficient in correlation of how much food you take out of your mouth with the amount of time spent brushing because this will only shorten the time and the struggle when flossing afterwards. Flossing with braces is unique as it needs more time and care than ever before to clean it out so you get everything out of your brackets and wires as well as your teeth because a toothbrush will not cut it.

The Cost Of Your New Braces

Braces vary now in cost and the type. Typically the more complicated the type and procedure, the higher the bill cost is. Metal braces is the best one for a rather low budget. It does what it needs to do and does not cost an arm and a leg. Now lingual braces get a bit more expensive and that is because it is placed behind the teeth. Invisalign is the newest and most expensive method out there in the market currently. Great if you have the money for it but if not, it’s no big deal as lingual braces and metal braces have same function.

Which Braces Are You Going To Get?

Braces are now offered in three different types with metal braces being the “barebones” of braces out there. Lingual braces are, as previously stated, placed behind the front of your teeth making it hard to detect but it is still made with braces. Lastly, Invisalign is made with plastic that is manufactured to be clear so whenever someone is looking at you, it looks like you have no braces. If this all seems fascinating and you want to get the smile of your dreams now, then call Streamline Sunset at 702-660-1921 and ask about braces at 89014 specials!

A woman with braces and Invisalign showing their differences.

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