Lumineers Offer a Natural Smile Makeover Appearance

Have you ever seen a famous movie star or billionaire with what looked like too-perfect teeth? Smile makeovers are a delicate process, with the results needing to give you that perfect appearance while also maintaining a natural conformity. Lumineers are a great way for people just like you to benefit from a smile makeover that looks and feels great every time. What Makes Lumineers Different? The way they are designed. Like other veneers, Lumineers are bonded over the front of natural teeth to change their appearance. However, the materials offer a slight translucency to them, which enhances the natural hues […]

Whiter Teeth Change Lives

Having a whiter smile isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling confident, making good impressions and being relaxed around the people you spend time with. In fact, studies have actually shown that when people have a more beautiful smile they will typically: Enjoy a better social life Have more friends Rank higher for job promotions Be seen as friendlier and more outgoing Enjoy better self esteem These surveys and studies have been conducted in several different environments, including job interviews where candidates with better looking smiles were awarded the job over counterparts who did not. Investing in whiter teeth […]

Getting to the Heart of Periodontal Disease

You’ve already heard about how hard gum disease can be on your smile. That it causes bone loss, gum recession, and even the total loss of teeth. But that isn’t all there is to it. In fact, just the presence of periodontal disease inside of your mouth can be dangerous to the rest of your body. You see, the bacteria that reside under the swollen, infected gum tissues are capable of spreading into your bloodstream. This allows the biofilm to travel to other parts of your body, even lodging itself in places throughout your cardiovascular system. Patients with active, unmanaged […]

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